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EDU701 Current FinalTerm Paper 19 February 2018 | FALL 2017 |

EDU701 Current FinalTerm Paper 19 February 2018 | FALL 2017 |

EDU701 Current FinalTerm Paper 19 February 2018 | FALL 2017 |

Paper Edu 701 Final Term 

Q1 :-Advantages and Disadvantages of Recruitment in School Teacher.

Q2 :-Conflict of Barrier………………….

Q3 :-Define. 1. Stimulation, 2. Job Evaluation, 3. HRM Planning, 4. Job Satisfaction

Q4 :-Stress by Teacher in University.

Q5 :-What is Carrere Planning.

Q6 :-Appraisal Evaluation System.

Q7 :-What is Negotiation as Teacher in University.

Q8 :-Reason of Job Analysis.

Q9 :-HRM Strategy Plan.

Paper Edu 701 Final Term 
Dated 18-02-2018 Time 8:00 am

Q1 :-Structure of High Performance in Higher Secondary School as a Principal.

Q2 :-Why you join in Union.

Q3 :-Define the Performance and how to improve the performance.

Q4 :-Factor of Rural Area.

Q5 :-What is Benefits and benefits of teacher in School.

Q6 :-Define. 1, Job specific 2, Job Description 3, Job Evaluation 4, Job Satisfaction

Q7 :-Environment Challenges in Organization.

Q8 :-Describe Environmental Process in Selection Process.

Q9 :-Define Burnout and Explain in Education for Teacher.

EDU701 paper by Misba Qmar on 17-02-18 final term

1. What are internal and external factors affecting the organisation? 

2. Define job analysis. Develop a framework using basic principles of learning to maximise it in organisation.

3. Write 5 factors. Of failure of performance appraisal. 

4. Define benefite. Write 3 mandatory considered prerequisite for education organisation. 

5. Write two levels of communication. 

6. Define conflict. Write it's 4 types.

7. Differentiate between autocratic and demonstrate leadership style. 

8. Define training, task analysis, performance analysis

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