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ZOO630 Midterm Current Paper 18 Dec 2017

ZOO630 Midterm Current Paper 18 Dec 2017

ZOO630  Midterm Current Paper 18 Dec 2017

12 30 pm

Mcqs were easy
Short & Long questions:
1. Micrometry (2max)

2. Difference b/w basic and applied research (3max)

3. concentration of high and low Gel electrochromatography (sae yad nhi) (2max)

4. Steps of spotting in TLC chromatography (5)

5. Gram sataning technique (5max)

6. How ion exchange chromatography can puridy water? (3max)

Another Paper

ZOO 630
Today at 12:30 pm
Q 1: Explain embedding ? 2 marks 

Q 2: What is external & internal volume in gel filtration technique ? 2 marks 

Q 3: Differentiate between mass and weight ? 3 marks 

Q 4: Describe Descending paper chromatography ? 3 marks 

Q 5? What is principle of gass chromatography ? 

Q 6: Explain the procedure of Acid fast/ Zeihl Neelson staining ? 5 marks

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