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STA301 Midterm Current Paper 9 Dec 2017

STA301 Midterm Current Paper 9 Dec 2017

STA301 Midterm Current Paper 9 Dec 2017

Question: calculate mid-range.

Question: calculate pearson's coefficient of skewness.

Question: calculate quartile deviation and coefficient of quartile deviation.

Question: calculate co-efficient of correlation.

Question: example dekh kar measure scale btane the..

Another Midterm Current Paper 9 Dec 2017

Another Midterm Current Paper 9 Dec 2017

Another Paper 

Formation of ß2= 4 2 marks

Why we use stem and leaf display rather than frequency distribution?2 marks

Difference between ordinal and nominal scale with example?3 marks

The values of mode mean and variation are given find the Pearson's skewed constant?3 marks

Find the probability values are given and find
P( female)
Etc. 5 marks

Find arithmetic mean values are in the form of table? 5 marks
Mcqs mostly past papers ma sy thy

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