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PSY403 Midterm Current Paper 12 Dec 2017

PSY403 Midterm Current Paper 12 Dec 2017

PSY403 Midterm Current Paper 12 Dec 2017

My Psy403 today's paper
Time 2:30 to 3:30
Date 12/12/2017

Q1.difference between hypothesis and theory
Q2.effects of self counciousness any 3
Q3. Ik example thi k jab hum 1month baby k samny tongue bahir nikal thy hai Jo ik nonverbal behavior hai aor WO bachy b humy copy karty hai same waisy. Isko justify karna tha.
Q4. Bieng a social psychology what ethical issues we should keep in mind when conducting a research.
Q5. Any two conditions of dispositional attributions.
Q6.yeh logical tha, question tha k humy aisa kio laghta hai k Jo hamara behavior hai ya opinion WO typical hai 3 reason deny thy.( mujhy exact word to word nai yadd pr yehi tha question)
Another Psy403 Paper

1' private self awareness nd public self awarness

2' difference between theory nd hypothesis

3' type or survy questions do type hn unki onpn ended nd close ended inki
example b dyni thi

4' today adults why abuses nd eating...kuch es tra sy tha adults k about

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