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CS718 Midterm Current Paper 18 Dec 2017

CS718 Midterm Current Paper 18 Dec 2017

CS718 Midterm Current Paper 18 Dec 2017

Cs718 date 18-12-2017
Time 11:00am 

Paper 1
Q.1 difference b/w periodic and aperiodic 5 marks
Q.2 difference b/w cell spilting and sectoring 5 marks 
Q.3 difference b/w channelization and scrumbling 5 marks
Q.4 define following
1 persistent
Non persistent
Long question
CSMA/CA Algorithm

Paper 2

Q. IS-95 reverse link
Q. Difference b/w Baseband and bandpass
Q. GSM diagram
Q. CDMA 2000
Q. Note on different system in GSM

Paper 3

Q. Difference b/w Data rate and modulation
Q. Difference b/w persistent and non persistent
Q. Access states of GSM
Aik es tarah ka tha k jab user 1 PLMS se second main enter hota hai to interaction kese hota diagram bnayein.

Paper 4

Q. Link adaption
Q. How mean rate of a call is different from the traffic in cellular network 10 marks
Q.Why we use frequencies from 1 to 10Hz in microwave?

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