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CS601 Midterm Current Paper 10 Dec 2017

CS601 Midterm Current Paper 10 Dec 2017

CS601 Midterm Current Paper 10 Dec 2017

Current paper (CS601) Midterm Fall 2017

Total Questions = 23
McQ’s = 18
Short Questions = 2
Long Questions = 3
Total Marks = 39

20% MCQ’s were from moaz past papers…
Most MCQ’s were from beginning lessons (OSI Model)
(Short Questions)

Q: 19 - The Bandwidth of an audio signal is 8KHz. What bandwidth will be needed to modulate frequency? Give calculations (3 marks)

Q: 20 - Give 2 techniques to solve the problems caused by unidirectional traffic in ring topology
(3 marks)
(Long Questions)
Q: 21 - Match the following with appropriate OSI model (5 marks)
Application Layer
Network Layer
(Text , Numbers)
Data link layer
Transport Layer
Physical Layer
Q: 22 - You have to digitize a human voice. The frequency range of human voice is 0 to 4000 Hz. What will be the sampling rate and Bit rate, assuming bit rate 6 per sample. Give all calculations (5 marks).

Q: 23 - Draw the NRZ-I inversion for the 00011 transition? (5 marks)

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