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SOC101 Current FinalTerm Paper 22 August 2017

SOC101 Current FinalTerm Paper 22 August 2017

SOC101 Current FinalTerm Paper 22 August 2017

Total 50 questions

Q1. Explain 3 residential patterns followed worldwide (3 marks)

Q2. 2 strategies to control population growth in pakistan (3 marks)

Q3. As per karl marx theory which group of people would your include into the category of petie   bougiouses (3 marks)

Q4. Explain the concept of cross-class household with the help of example (3 marks)

Q5. How enrollment in rural areas of Pak be improved (3 marks)

Q6. Impact of your social class introduced on your current attitude and behaviour towards work and life (5 marks)

Q7. Critically analyze the ideas of feminist school thoughts from an academic perspective (5 marks)

Q8. In order to develop population policy for any country, what ingredients are necessary? list any 5 (5 marks)

Q9. If country population is one million and babies born are 15000 calculate crude birth rate
 (5 marks)

Q10. Briefly explain verifiable and cumulative characteristics of scientific method ( 5 marks)

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