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MGT603 Current FinalTerm Paper 19 August 2017

MGT603 Current FinalTerm Paper 19 August 2017

             MGT603 Current FinalTerm Paper 19 August 2017

Total questions 50

40 MCQ's (all were from lecture 23 - 30)

Q1.What is the significance of WO strategy in the TOWS matrix with 2 examples? (3 marks)

Q2. What is QSPM matrix & its limitations (3 marks)

Q3. Define divisional structure & its limitations (3 marks)

Q4. Grand strategy matrix is made up of different quadrants, name other strategies involved in quadrant 1 (5 marks)

Q5. Points to be followed during product positioning ? (5 marks)

Q6. Significance of SO strategy in TOWS matrix with 3 examples (5 marks)

Q7. Purpose of R&D & its approaches (5 marks)

Q8. ESOPs (Employee stock ownership plans) is a positive way to build powers by employees in               managers (Explain) (5 marks)

Q9. CEO pressurizing his manager to develop a mechanism of strategy evaluation. The manager is            reluctant because they can foresee difficulties in implementing such a system.
       What should u think which type of difficulties the manager will face? (5 marks)

Q10. Evaluation related question (3 marks

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