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Spring-2017_CS408_3 Solution

Spring-2017_CS408_3 Solution

Spring-2017_CS408_3 Solution

Assignment No. 03
Semester: Spring 2017
CS408 – Human Computer Interaction
For Group 1

“Your Survey form should be same as you provide infor in doc file”

App Name, Group id and Task #
Mobile Device
Did you observe any violation from heuristics?
please mention flaw/violation of heuristics
Which Heuristic
Mention Number of heuristics
Given in table below
(Note: Don’t mention name of heuristic or any other data )

If you are given a task to rate the severity of usability problems of this violation.
Choose any one from

Environment like jogging, sitting etc

Your Id
(Group 1)


Q Mobile
Z 10

All information filled accurately to login and select a task and performed it easily. During observe that Page color should be change.





Whenever you open the application you always find same interface, and you have to struggle to take advantage of your most interested feature.
Your most frequent action to any task shouldn’t displayed first.
Application interface always same and don’t judge any priority task.



Q Mobile
While performing this task user must have to perform task physically to check out the result to view his activity. User must have to go through all activity to fill the required information.



User have to enter many manual information as compare to application judgment for using different context.


Sense Me
Your Id
Group 1


Q Mobile
Z 10

The interface is not friendly, user don’t know how to add information and update the record later.


User isn’t clear about the interface initially about what to do to complete task.
Don’t provide clue about what to do next for task completion
I feel difficult to perform task while doing other task in parallel
I don’t find help from app regarding the accomplishment of task



Q Mobile
The description was not added successfully because there is not well defined way to add and accomplish tasks. New user don’t know how to add his/her record in this application. 



Not Design a clear navigable path to task completion


If you found any mistake then correct yourself
                                  Don’t copy paste I’m not responsible for zero” 

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